Jun 28 2011

Blocks of Color


Deb's good at marking!


We’ve been working on our latest commission and having lots of fun playing with blocks of color to create light, earth, and flora. Each of the four panels represents one of the family members. Bound to the California land, they nonetheless have individual interests, personalities, and desires. We’re trying to express all that in the panels. You can see Deb marking the interfacing that we fused the blocks of color to – 405 blocks to be exact!


The Delta waters flow through the quilt.

The family members each picked ten words that were important to them, and we placed them into the waters of the Delta that flows through the land and their family. Our favorites: tomotoes, udon, family, dream catchers. They also have the word water in four languages (Japanese, Spanish, French, Arabic) that also reflect their varied experiences. Boy, if you think we can’t wait to finish this, you should ask the family! We don’t want to say how long it has taken to get our vision onto fabric!

Jun 20 2011

Furoshiki Fun

Pajaro Valley Quilt Association

Members of the Pájaro Valley Quilt Association

Last Monday, we had a wonderful time demonstrating how to have fun wrapping objects and making shopping bags at the Pájaro Valley Quilt Association meeting in Aptos, CA (near Santa Cruz). It was perfect timing–someone had donated lots of fabric to the guild, and the guild was selling it by the pound; it was a feeding frenzy. To hold all their purchases, the shoulder bag made with a square of fabric came in pretty handy. Here’s a snapshot of some of the members and their shopping bags.


Jun 12 2011

Tech Tuesday: Quirky Photoshop


At some point in time, our friend and colleague, Carla Barrett of quiltwhisper.com fame, convinced us to start teaching online with her. I don’t know why we ever waited. It’s such a blast. We are right now in the throes of the  class Introduction to Photoshop Elements for Fiber Artists and Sewing Enthusiasts. Oh, and we’re giving a prize to anyone who can think of a shorter name that still conveys what we are teaching! Needless to say, there are a lot of Photoshop courses out there, but Deb and I think we know it all . . . about using Photoshop for creating designs for fabric, that is. Anyway, it’s amazing what kind of crazy things pop up when you teach. Here is one weird scenario.



Drawing with brush tool.

Drawing with crosshairs.

We had a student who could never see the tool she was using. For example, instead of a brush tip,  she could only see what looks like crosshairs. Well, did you know that if you click the CAPS lock key – and how many times can you do that when you’re working furiously on a project (I must have just hit it twice while typing this!) – , which a lot of our students do (not to mention moi!), you will get that crosshair cursor.
Another student hit the jackpot and got three cursors – not very handy when you’re trying to put your cursor on a certain part of  the screen. It all had to do with changing the system font size to something you can actually see. Why no one tells you these things, I don’t know. Anyway, some of us still need the big font, so the Pixeladies suggest you return to regular-sized font when you’re in PSE and revert back to the “big screen” when you’re not using this great but sometimes finicky software program! You can change your image/text size under Display on your desktop.

[We did not start Tech Tuesday until June 2012, but since this was really our first Tech Tuesday topic, we decided to rename this blog entry and to file it under TT.]