Jul 1 2011

Santa Fe International Folk Art Market


It’s that time of year again–The International Folk Art Market in Santa Fe is almost here.  Since I won’t be attending this year, I decided to pull out some photos from years past.  In 2007, we missed the market by one day.  The sparkly decorations were still up, but the artists and the collectors were gone.  For someone who loves sparkle and folk art, I vowed to return.


The day after the International Folk Art Market 2007

In 2009 I returned with Weslee and Kendra.  We arrived early in the morning to have the best selection.  We boarded the bus and headed up to Museum Hill.  It was obvious we were newbies, we had no carts or shopping bags with us.  Fortunately we remembered our hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen.  My purchase of the day was an appliqué wall hanging by Elizabeth Savanhu of Zimbabwe. Each piece tells  a story of everyday life.  What attracted me to the piece initially was the feet  None of us could figure out the feet under the lion’s head.   Elizabeth told us that the women were seeking shelter from the rain in a cave.  Aha!  Then she told us the complete story.   When I found out the the pink “flowers” were not flowers at all, but mushrooms, I knew this was the piece for me.  My grandmother taught me how to hunt for wild mushrooms–and I hadn’t thought of that in a long time.  I asked Elizabeth to tell me the story again, so I could try to remember it. She  pulled out a little scrap of paper from a pocket in the laundry basket with the story hand written on it.    From left to right, from top to bottom:

1.  Mrs. Dande and her daughter-in-law are coming from borehole to fetch some water.

2.  Mrs. Dande is doing her laundry

3.  They are now going to fetch some firewood.

4.  Her daughter-in-law is now collecting mushrooms.

5.  It’s now raining and they are hiding in a cave.

6.  They are going back home with their firewood.


Elizabeth Savanhu's appliqué about Mrs. Dande.


Elizabeth Savanhu's booth with the market volunteer in the background


Elizabeth Savanhu and Deb

As a birthday present to herself, Weslee purchased an incredible 3-piece Miao jacket fromYuzhen Pan of China. I wish I had close up photos of this jacket. Maybe someday I’ll borrow it and photograph details.  The piece is hand made of wonderful indigo batiks (I think).   I love that Weslee actually wears this jacket on special occasions.

Weslee, Yuzhen Pan, Market Volunteer


Kendra and Weslee with their purchases.

If you’re ever in Santa Fe in July, plan to go to the International Folk Art Market.    If you miss the Market, be sure to visit the Museum of International Folk Art–it’s fabulous!