Dec 27 2011

Procrastination, Organization, and Inspiration


When I have a deadline I don’t want to deal with, my way of procrastinating is to do other things that I’ve been putting off. Like cleaning. So this week it was cleaning off my desk in the studio. Kris is gone, so I can spread everything out and go through each piece of paper. I’m not a journal keeper, so when an idea strikes or I see something worth remembering, I grab the nearest piece of paper. Napkins, envelopes, those awful subscription cards from magazines. They work, but how do I keep them together? I have several idea folders in the Pixeladies’ file cabinet. But Kris wants to go through them. What she really means is that she wants me to throw some of the stuff away. So I need to beat her to the punch. I decided I’d start gluing them on paper and putting them in a binder. (We have oodles of binders, but that’s another story). No organization, just glue, punch and put in the binder. At the same time I requested an account from It’s the online version of my idea folders. Today I received my Pinterest account. So what better time to take on a new project than when another dreaded deadline is looming.

This is the long version of how I got to the meat of this post. Somehow, while looking up things to pin to my boards, I came across the blog Art Lessons for school kids written by Janis, an elementary school art teacher. Wow! I want to go back to elementary school and be one of Janis’ students. As I was skimming the posts, I saw some really cool sculptures. When I looked closer, the sculpture looked like one that my nephew Louis made for me a couple of Christmases ago. Too bad you can’t see it in 3D. It’s very interesting from all sides. And it’s FIBER ART!

Louis’ sculpture

Louis’ sculpture

I think next time I have a creative block (or need to procrastinate), I’ll go back to and do one of the art projects for kids! So, do you procrastinate? How do you keep track of your ideas, thoughts, and inspirational images? Do they help get you out of a creative rut?

Dec 21 2011

Happy Holidays!


It’s  that time of year when the Pixeladies furiously attempt to clean the studio, sweep all the bad spirits out the door, and look forward to a new year. What better way to do that then to receive advance copies of our book! The FedEx driver said this was her favorite delivery! And, while we were cleaning today, C&T, our publishers, had two azalea plants delivered to the studio. Tomorrow we’re going to celebrate by buying new well-deserved cell phones. After all, we are two of the last 19 Palm Pre owners still in existence. We’re closing the studio until January 2. Until then, may you have the most wonderful of holidays. Our hope is for peace on Earth, good will toward all, and the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl.



Dec 7 2011

Having Fun with our Sequin Stash


The theme was snow.  We went to our local hospice thrift store and found 4 painted plaster (?) snowflakes and one brass one.  The mission was to create ornaments worthy of  Gail Bird’s ornament exchange. The real challenge was to only use embellishments from our stash.  Well, I’m not sure if that was really a challenge–we have quite a stash.  Remember, I am the one who never throws anything away.  I guess you could call some of the sequins vintage–I’m sure I’ve had them since the 7th grade.  And my grandma and Mrs. T recently cleaned out their jewelry boxes and donated them to our stash.

Plain Ornament

Deb wields the glue gun

That’s me trying to use the hot glue gun. I only got one small burn. Kris was in charge of gluing the small parts together and only managed to glue a couple of fingers together. I think we need to go to gluing school. Below are our finished snowflakes.


Green Frosty Snowflake

Crystal Blue Snowflake

Ruby Pink Snowflake

Amber Gold Snowflake

Silver and Gold Snowflake

The silver and gold  one is for our hostess. We won’t tell you what our other gift is; let’s just say Charades will be a little wackier this year!

Dec 6 2011

Tech Tuesday: Our Holidays (and Business) begin with Gail Bird


Can it really be that eight years have gone by since we went to our first quilt show for research purposes? If the calendar doesn’t lie,  it really has been eight years since we met Gail Bird of Russian punchneedle fame. We watched her create her own booth buzz and inspire people to try something new. We liked her chutzpah and charm. We thought she might be willing to give us some advice as we started on our business journey. As it turns out, Gail not only gave us some great advice, but she also became our first client. Why? Although Gail has never claimed to be a tech geek, she has always looked for ways to make technology work for her, so she had us do some quick website repairs while she decided how to proceed with a complete website overall. She didn’t want to lose customers in the interim. We liked that about her.

Gail shows off her QR code and sample purse

It was no surprise, then, to see Gail at the River City Quilters’ Guild Quilt Show this year with new products and new technology. She already had her QR code ready for visitors to scan so they could find her website later. And, she was ready to take credit cards with the Square card reader that is attached to her cell phone. This type of card reader is great for small businesses. And why do our holidays start with Gail? Because she always invites us to her annual ornament exchange where we eat some incredible homemade soup, exchange ornaments, and play some wicked charades. Hope your holiday season has a great start, too.

[We did not start Tech Tuesday until June 2012, but since this entry fits the Tech Tuesday topic, we decided to rename this blog entry and to file it under TT.]