Sep 30 2014

TechLESS Tuesday: What To Do When Your Printer Is Kaputt (Again)


Yes, we bought a new (used) computer, an Epson 9880 wide-format printer. Yes, our tech guru sold it to us and made sure it worked well. Yes, we had a bad cyan chip, but the cartridge supplier quickly sent us a replacement and we were back in business. Yes, we made all the color corrections on a couple of commissions and were ready to start printing. Yes, we needed to do a power cleaning before starting. So, WHY did the cyan chip stop working?!? We are now awaiting yet another cyan chip (each cartridge has its own computer chip nowadays). Will we be up and running next week? Let’s hope so. In the meantime, we could have hung our heads in despair (we did), eaten lots of chocolate and ice cream to make ourselves feel better (we did), and curse the computer gods (did that, too). None of that (except the chocolate and ice cream) was very satisfying, so we thought, “Hey, let’s sew a couple of quilts to donate to our respective guilds’ community service projects. Deb went for the soothing meditative colors and design that would speak to adults as well as teenagers.

As usual, I went for the pink. What can I say, I love pink. At least I paired it with green this time. Deb finished hers first. That’s how it always happens. Deb helped me with my binding, as she always must. It’s darn right spooky how large 1/8″ becomes when you sew a binding! We both used what we call the “Pixeladies Piece Party” technique. No patterns, no rules, just a sharp rotary cutter. This technique was particularly handy in my case since I had to do a bit of trimming to get the size of each block correct. Here’s hoping we soon get back to our printing!