May 19 2015

Tech Tuesday: Our Students Are Better Than We Are!


We don’t think there is anything more gratifying as teachers than when our students not only “get it,” but they use what they’ve learned in such creative ways. Our latest example is Kathleen Loomis. Read her blog post about how she helped a friend break through a creative block and go from this:


to this without ever touching a pair of scissors. Kathleen, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Thanks for the testimonial and keep up the great work!


May 5 2015

Tech Tuesday: Register for Online Photoshop Elements Classes Now!


Back by popular demand! Yes, we’re teaching Photoshop Elements Essentials I and II. Essentials I starts on June 1, and Essentials II starts on July 6. The classes are three weeks long each, but we’ve added a fourth week to each class so you can post more homework, ask more questions, spend more time with your fellow students, and play catch up (if life gets in the way). Click here to read the class descriptions and to register.

Here’s one thing you’ll learn how to do: brighten a photo that is too dark.


No, we can’t teach you how to reconstruct a face that has been cut off, but we have done an ear or two. As you can see, we still need to learn how to take good selfies. Deb calls these failed selfies “felfies” – and, boy, do we have bunch!