Jul 30 2015

Kris’ 2015 SAQA Dream Collection


The 2015 SAQA Benefit Auction starts September 18. Every year, members are invited to select their dream collection. We always have so much fun doing this. Here is Kris’ dream collection. Both Deb and Intern Kelly will pick theirs in the next two weeks. The idea is to curate your own 6-piece collection that you would love to own. My collection is called “Kind of Blue,” and if I had this collection in my home, I would sit back, sip a bourbon, put on some Miles Davis, and just hang with these incredible pieces.

Clicking on any image will open the slideshow of all the images, and you’ll be able to see the details better.

Studio Art Quilt Associates is a 3,ooo+ member organization that promotes the art quilt. The Pixeladies are devoted members (Kris is the current president, and Deb is chair of Special Events). It’s through SAQA that we have met so many amazing artists and have had so many opportunities to develop as professional artists. We hope you take a look at all the art available at the 2015 SAQA Benefit Auction and bid on a piece or two!

Jul 22 2015

Pixeladies Update


This is a very busy time at the Pixeladies’ studio. Well not really at the studio, but on the computers. We’re in the final two weeks of teaching our Photoshop Essentials II class (we love teaching), creating videos (Deb hates listening to her voice) and a handbook (auditioning legible fonts) for our upcoming Photoshop Organizer class, planning 3 SAQA conferences (Deb) and working on SAQA board stuff (Prez Kris). We’re also working on 4 new collages for our text quilts in the Watercolor Pencils and Language of Color series. But every now and then we have to have some fun.
Kris’ fun is thinking about what she’s going to do with her bathroom that had some (ahem) water problems.

Emser Tile: Mosaic Circle Blends On 12"x12" Mesh : Zanfirico

Emser Tile: Mosaic Circle Blends On 12″x12″ Mesh : Zanfirico

Shower Niche

Shower Niche

And Deb keeps taking out this piece of fabric and thinking about what she would do with it. This was a reject silk broadcloth fabric print that I put out in the sun with some rusty metal pieces and paint cans sitting on top for the winter (remember, California is in its fourth year of a drought, so there wasn’t much rain to help the rusting process), then added vinegar to some other pieces to get rust.

Rusted Silk Fabri

Rusted Silk Fabric

Rusted Fabric Detail

Rusted Fabric Detail

So what’s the common denominator here? Polka dots. Kris and I both love dots. Maybe Kris will get dots in her bathroom and Deb will make a quilt. We’ll keep you posted, but don’t hold your breath.

Jul 17 2015

Intern Update


Has it really been two years since Intern Kelsi was finishing up her internship with the Pixeladies and finding her first job at Target? We still laugh about how it was the fabric folding, a chore we tossed at her near the end of her internship, that really impressed the folks at Target. Well, today Kris took her dog to the vet for a vaccine, and who was there in her new full-time job at the front desk?! We’re so proud of Kelsi. And this time, it’s all the computer work she learned during her internship that has come in handy. Here she is helping Jane (of Plain Jane paper doll fame – our PSE students know what we’re talking about!):


Kelsi’s goal during her internship was to gain enough skills and confidence to enter the work force. We thought at the time that we had helped her in these areas, and now we see that she keeps working toward new and grander goals. Yay, Kelsi! And how’s this for some more fun news. It looks like we’re going to have a new intern! Stay tuned.