Sep 2 2011

Thanks for the memories, Dad


This is Kris. My dad passed away on Wednesday at the age of 92. Harry (only one of his nicknames) was the subject of the Pixeladies’ first collaboration. At the time we formed Pixeladies, he was finishing his autobiography, and we thought it would make a great quilt. [Deb’s comment:  The theme for Kris’ quilt guild’s show was “A Legacy of Love.” Our goal was to make a quilt that fit the theme without using one heart!] Outwardly not very sentimental, he was so proud of that quilt and absolutely loved it whenever we asked if we could borrow it to show for a presentation. No one came to his house without getting a look at the quilt.

Dad with his Quilt 2005

When we entered his quilt in our local guild’s show, he came to see it. Holding court, he regaled onlookers with the stories on the quilt. He was really in his element. Deb and I have been friends for so long that we remember when Dad used to leave me messages that Deb “Pleshette” called (this would be during the “Bob Newhart Show” days). Then recently he sometimes called her Deb “Cache Creek” (his favorite casino). He often messed up her name, but he never failed to tell me what a nice lady she was and how glad he was that she was my friend.

Rev. Tim

One of the last things Dad did with the Pixeladies was to serve as our language expert on our upcoming book on Furoshiki Fabric Wraps. He was so happy to see the sample pages since he knew he wouldn’t live to see the publication of the book in 2012. The book proof arrived just a couple of days before he died, so he wasn’t able to look at it. When it comes out, look for our secret homage to Dad – his oranges (he was a great gardener) serve as a backdrop on one of the photos. When Reverend Tim arrived at the house to perform the Buddhist ritual of  makura-gyo, he brought his ceremonial items wrapped in a furoshiki. The family saw it as a last sign from Dad to wish us well on our new book. Bilingual to the end, one of the last things Dad said to his family was “Bye, Bye, Sayonara, Sayonara.” Rest in peace, Dad. The Pixeladies will miss your support.

Aug 5 2011

Join Us at the ASG National Conference!


We’re packing our bags for the American Sewing Guild’s national conference in Los Angeles August 19-21.  (OK, that’s not really true. We’re actually running around getting all of our teaching materials ready, but that doesn’t sound like the organized Pixeladies we always claim to be.) Despite this small confession, we really hope you can join us there. We’ll be giving three 2-hour presentations: Furoshiki – Fun with Fabric Folding (bring your empty wine bottles – full, if you want to bribe the teachers), Organize Your Patterns with Photoshop Elements, and Design Fabric with Photoshop Elements.

Cactus Flower to Border Print


If you want to learn how we got from the cactus flower to border print,  sign up for the Design Fabric class. We’ll also be in the fashion show on Friday night.   Watch with amazement (or embarrassment) as we attempt to do a quick change on the runway.  It should be fun.

BTW, make sure to look us up for evening partying. We’re members of that Placerville/Gold Country chapter that has a reputation for getting the party started! Bananagrams, anyone?

Bananagrams, anyone?