Jul 16 2013

Tech Tuesday: How To Concatenate (Combine Information Into One Cell) On A Spreadsheet


When you’re working on a spreadsheet and you want to combine information from different cells into one cell, that is called concatenating. For example, you have the first and last names in two different cells and you want to combine them into a new cell.

Once you have your spreadsheet open, the steps for concatenating are:

1) Create a new column for the information.

2) In the new column, click in the cell that you want to put your information in, and click on the function (fx) button. That brings up a function wizard. Scroll down until you find “concatenate.” Then click the “next” button.

3) Under “text for concatenation,” type the cell that you want to combine (or click on the cell) in the first box. In the second box, add a quotation mark, a space, and another quotation mark. In the third box, add the second cell you want to combine. Click OK. Your formula in the cell should look like this,

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 1.45.25 PM

Make sure that you keep a space between the two quotation marks in the formula. Whatever you put between the quotation marks (here I put a space) will show up in your cell.

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 1.42.13 PM

In my first example, I combined the first and last names of the actors into one cell. I put first name then last name (A2,” “,C2).

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 1.44.34 PM

In my second example, I put them last name, “comma”, first name (C2,”,”,A2).

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 1.58.03 PM

This is good for presenting your spreadsheet while still keeping the data separate. It is good for doing things like making a mailing list, which I haven’t had to do yet. But I know one thing, you want to keep your data separate because you never know how you’ll have to present it.

Jul 11 2013

Quilt National 2013: Analysis Of Prices




Quilt National is a biennial exhibition of contemporary art quilts. Most of the quilts are for sale. Because the quilts are so different in size and style, Kris and Deb, who have a quilt exhibited in Quilt National, asked me to analyze  the QN ’13 prices. Here is what I learned:

Number of quilts in the exhibition: 88
Number of quilts for sale: 70
Number of quilts  not for sale: 12
Number of quilts with purchase  option (no price available): 6
Lowest price: $900
Highest price: $20,800
Average (Mean) price:$5111.36
Median price:$3,950
Average (Mean) price per square foot: $305.50
Median price per square foot: $245.83

The size information can be found in the Quilt National 2013 Best of Contemporary Quilts book, and the price information can be found on the Dairy Barn Arts Center Quilt National price list. Creating this spreadsheet taught me how to calculate averages( means and medians), but I also got to look at some really amazing art. You can see some of the quilts by going to the Dairy Barn Arts Center website: http://www.dairybarn.org/

Jul 9 2013

Tech Tuesday: Split Screen View In Windows 7 Is A Great Tool


Because I own a Mac and Kris and Deb both have PC’s, I have been introduced to a lot of cool things you can do with Windows, like split your monitor screen. For example, Kris and Deb teach an online Photoshop class, and it is very convenient to be able to have their video lesson open while also having Photoshop open. The steps for how you use the split screen option are:

1) Open the programs you want to have on the screen at the same time. Click the “Maximize” middle button in the upper right-hand corner of the programs to make both of the screens smaller.


2) Right-click on the taskbar and click the option Show Windows Side by Side.


Your windows will then pop up next to each other where they are supposed to be and you are done!




Jul 2 2013

Tech Tuesday: LibreOffice Is A Free Alternative to Microsoft Office


Being only 19 and not having an extra $140 to spend on Microsoft Office, I was having a lot of problems trying to do things like send my resume to someone or Email homework to a teacher. When I started my internship, Kris and Deb recommended I try LibreOffice. It made sharing documents much easier. Unlike Pages, the writing software that came with my Mac,  LibreOffice is compatible with Microsoft Office, so I can save a file in Microsoft format and send it where it needs to go. During my internship I have needed to use Excel almost every day, so having the Spreadsheet option on LibreOffice has been awesome. Not only is LibreOffice free but it is really easy to use and the format is very similar to Microsoft Office. When I get stuck and need help (and Kris and Deb aren’t around to help me), I can usually find a tutorial on Google or YouTube. The first spreadsheet I had to make was to keep track of my hours. Since the Pixeladies need to know how I divide my time, I made a color-coded bar graph. Here’s the first page:


If you need a free alternative to Microsoft Office, I recommend LibreOffice.

Click here to download LibreOffice.

Click here for a good YouTube introduction to the LibreOffice spreadsheet.

Jun 27 2013

Preparing For Batik Watercolor Quilting Class


Preparing for the Batik Watercolor Quilting classes that the Pixeladies teach is not an easy task. There are many things that need to get done, and they are all very time consuming.

The first thing I did was sort the fabric squares that had been mixed up from being used in the previous class. There were over 1,500 2 1/2″ X 2 1/2″ fabric squares. A lot of the squares look similar so you have to be careful not to put them in the wrong pile.


The second thing I did was sort through the pieces of fabric to see which squares Deb and Kris were running low on.


The third thing I did was iron the fabric that needed to be cut.


The fourth thing I needed to do was iron the fusing onto the fabric.



The fifth thing I need to do – but I have not gotten to yet – is cut the fused fabric into 2 1/2″ squares. I know that will be easy because after having to cut the 2 1/2″ squares into 1 1/4″ squares for a special class, it can’t be worse than that. Out of everything I have had to do, this was probably what sucked* the most, because I needed to be so careful, and it took so long.


I enjoyed getting to work with the fabric, but hopefully I will never ever have to cut a 1 1/4″ square again.

* Kris and Deb said it was okay because this is more of a conversational blog for me to use the word “sucked” when normally in a business setting I would not.



Jun 25 2013

Tech Tuesday: How To Resize Images In Photoshop


I have learned a lot of new skills during the first week of my internship. One thing that I learned was that when you are uploading photos to the internet, you can resize them so they open quickly. I had used Photoshop before but never to resize photos for the internet. Here are the steps:

1) Open the image you want to work on in Photoshop.

2) Crop or manipulate your image as desired. Save this image.

3) From the Menu bar, click File > Save for Web and Devices (your version of PS may just say Save for Web).

4) Change the longest side of your photo to 800 pixels. (You can resize it smaller than 800 pixels, but the Pixeladies like to use 800). The image size is located near the bottom right corner of the Save for Web and Devices dialog box. After you set it to the size you want it press Enter.


5) Choose the file format. I save my images as a .jpg.



6) Click Save and upload your photo wherever you need it!

Jun 20 2013

We Have A New Intern!


We are so excited! For the first time in Pixeladies history, the studio is hosting an intern! Meet Kelsi, who started on Monday and will continue with us fulltime until July 5, 2013. We had so much work to do in the studio, we didn’t know where to start, so we decided to clean a bit. That meant putting away all of our quilts, which led us to find the label we had never attached to one of our quilts. So the first thing Kelsi learned was how to hand sew!



We’re only on Day 4, but Kelsi has been learning a lot and making our lives much happier! We are getting some quality design time in because Kelsi is doing a lot of our office work for us. In fact, I am teaching her how to blog on WordPress right now! You can expect to read about Kelsi’s experience as our intern in the days to come as she will be blogging for us! Welcome, Kelsi!