Book Giveaway!


C&T, our wonderful publisher, is giving away a copy of our new book! Follow this link for more details. The giveaway runs through February 26. Everyone’s support of our book is just the bee’s knees! By the way, we love going to consignment shops and thrift stores in search of vintage scarves to use as furoshiki. Keep the scarves out of the landfills, we say!

This two-bottle wrap is using one of our designs

2 Responses to “Book Giveaway!”

  • Bobbie Molony Says:

    This idea intrigues me – can’t wait to explore the possibilities.

  • pat yamada Says:

    What a beautiful book. I’ve put it on my Amazon wish list. I heard your interview with Pat Sloan. And now I’ve found your website. Lots to read and catch up on. Thanks for the giveaway.