Chiaki Dosho: Textured Emotion


We haven’t had a chance yet to tell you about our trip to the European Patchwork Meeting. It was amazing, and it would take several blog posts to tell you half of what we experienced there. Spread out over a few charming towns in Alsace, France, the EPM hosted some of the highest quality art exhibitions around. So, what to tell you? After thinking about it for a bit (or procrastinating, think of Deb’s last post), we thought we’d start with one of the many artists we met there, Chiaki Dosho.
I have admired Chiaki’s work for a long time, so it was a joy to finally meet her, which Deb and I did at the reception for the Mixed Media Art Association. Most of the work displayed at this particular exhibition was monchromatic, very dimensional, and highly evocative. Photography was not allowed, but Chiaki’s piece was #2 in her Cocoon series. Here is Cocoon #1.

Chiaki Dosho Cocoon 1

Chiaki Dosho
Cocoon 1

Cocoon #2 (not shown) might even be better, with a horizontal white line with “fire” underneath it. In either case, the viewer is immediately drawn into the cocoon, wondering what could even be protected there.

Neither one of us were able to snap up Chiaki’s SAQA Benefit Auction piece this year, it sold so quickly:

Chiaki Dosho Cherry Blossom

Chiaki Dosho
Cherry Blossom

With her blood red cherry blossom, Chiaki is exaggerating the traditional beauty of the Japanese symbol of hope. This particular red cherry blossom evokes the red sun, the symbol of the Japanese flag (Japan, “Nihon,” basically means land of the rising sun), making it seem as if Chiaki has crammed all the good luck into this donation to the SAQA auction. The combination of red and white is always used for auspicious occasions, and Chiaki has imbued her piece with national identity as well as hope.

Chiaki presented us with brooches at the reception. Made from vintage kimono (as most of Chiaki’s work), they are exquisite. Our photos do no adequately capture the texture, sheen, and subtle color shifts you will find in Chiaki’s work. Deb’s is purple:

Chiaki  Dosho (/br> Purple Brooch

Chiaki Dosho
Purple Brooch

Here I am wearing my red brooch. The long, hanging threads in many of Chiaki’s works make me think of connections – the connections we’re all trying to make but sometimes can’t quite do. However you intepret Chiaki Dosho’s work, I am pretty sure you will be as moved by it as I am.
Kris wearing her brooch

Kris wearing her brooch

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