Top 10 Photoshop Elements Tasks for Fiber Artists

If you have been wondering why it might be worthwhile for you, a fiber artist, to learn Photoshop, here are the top 10 essential tasks to learn. If you are not a fiber artist, we can translate all these tasks into ones you can use! Just ask us.

Click on any image to enlarge it and start the slideshow. Scroll to the end to see the list.

Here is the list spelled out for you. Take PSE Essentials 1, if . . .

  1. you want to place a watermark on your photo before posting the image on the Internet.
  2. you want to straighten the quilt in your photo before posting/submitting it.
  3. you need the proper image size and resolution for digital submissions.
  4. you want to audition and plan out quilting lines before you sew.
  5. you want to abstract a photo to use as an applique pattern.
  6. you want to audition different colors for your quilt pattern/design.
  7. you want to test cut fabric before actually using your scissors.
  8. you want to modify the color of an image you printed on fabric./li>
  9. you want to sharpen your image before you print on fabric.
  10. you want to intensify the colors of your image before you print on fabric.<

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