Deb’s 2016 SAQA Dream Collection


Every year Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) holds an online auction of amazing 12″ x 12″ art quilts. They invite the public to post their dream collection. Kris and I just love curating the six quilts we would like to have in our houses (and, of course, really bid on). I started to create my collection when it was really hot, so all the pieces were a cooling blue green. Then I saw a couple of architectural quilts and built a collection around them. Unfortunately, Kris posted her dream collection before I did (view it here). I know we’ve been friends for a long time, but it would be embarrassing to post a collection based on the same subject with 5 of the 6 pieces being the same. (It’s the same as when we accidentally wear the same clothes to give a talk–teal shirt, black pants, clog-like shoes).

Okay, back to my collection. So I created a different collection based on pieces that had grids in them (or what I perceived as grids). I love little boxes with things in them, so I think that’s why these pieces appeal to me. Click on any image to start the slide show and to expose the title and artist for each piece. Links to artist websites are included below so you can explore even more of their work. The auction starts on September 16. Click here to view all the auction pieces. I hope you find a piece you’d like to bid on.

Brooke Atherton
Kate Crossley
Jane Dunnewold
Diane Glos n/a
Judy Langille
Karen Miller

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