How to Order a Scarf


If you want something unique, we can design a scarf just for you or that special person. Contact us for a phone or studio appointment. In the meantime, considering the following:


  • Pick out items (i.e. photos, texts, keepsakes, personal artwork) and bring/send/email them to us.
  • Don’t worry about quality of photo/object, color, clarity, or size of item.
  • Just think about meaning. What is important to the scarf wearer? What does she/he get sentimental about? It can be as simple as the name of a song, a nickname, or even a family member’s artwork.
  • Think also of family heritage – crests, birth locations. You’d be surprised what we have integrated into scarves!
  • Tell us about the intended scarf wearer (i.e. likes, dislikes, favorite colors).
  • Please remember that we do NOT print copyrighted photos/items without written permission from the photographer or copyright owner even if we manipulate the heck out of it.
  • Tell us if you prefer the scarf to be printed on silk habotai (various weights available, slippery), silk georgette (slightly see-through, not slippery), or silk gauze (sheer, not slippery).
  • Determine a delivery date – usually 6-8 weeks’ lead time.
  • We can size scarves to your specifications. Our standard scarf sizes and prices are: oblong (16” x 80”) $240.00, square (40” x 40”) $275.00. These prices do not include applicable tax and shipping.