Kris’ 2016 SAQA Dream Collection


Every year Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) holds an online auction of amazing 12″ x 12″ art quilts. They invite the public to post their dream collection of six pieces. Deb and I just love perusing the collection to pick out what we would like to hang on our wall (and, of course, really bid on). Here is my collection (Deb will post hers next week). The auction starts on September 16. You will probably find at least one piece you would like to own. I found at least six! Click here to view all the auction pieces.
I called my collection “I Wanna Live There” because I found several city scenes that I found intriguing. They invited me to explore their space. While the techniques used sometimes varied greatly, the resulting quilts accentuate the architecture of the city they are depicting. Links to artist websites are included below so you can explore even more of their work. Click on any image to start the slide show and to expose the title and artist for each piece.

Judith Ahlborn
Natalya Aikens
Heather Dubreuil
Deborah Fell
Dolores Miller
K. Velis Turan

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