NYC Part II – The Garment District


Well, you can’t expect the Pixeladies to go anywhere without seeing if there is some store, museum, or event involving fiber. Needless to say, we had our choice during our October trip to NYC. We decided on Mood Fabrics because 1) we knew they would have a lot of fabric (and they did), 2) we wanted to give our Project Runway fans a report, and 3) there’s nothing like going to a store that can’t be reached unless you go into an office building and up the elevator! We have to say that the trip was worth it because we had the best salesperson, Adina. If she doesn’t work there anymore, it’s Mood’s loss! Lots of attention with knowledge of what to show us. She also had the muscles to move those bolts around quickly. At first we went in without a mission (not a good thing), so we quickly decided to look for fabric we could use to make furoshiki. Can you believe they had NO rayon?! What’s with that?! [Deb’s note: we didn’t get to the upper floors to check–we did have husbands to meet, after all,  and we were already late.] Adina was good, though. She found us lots of great dress-weight cotton that had good drape. We did not go away empty-handed.

Kris wraps fabric into a bag

Adina shows Deb some cool fabric

We also decided to check out the Artquilt Gallery NYC. Was it small? Yes. Was it impressive? Yes. Carol Taylor’s quilts were hanging during our visit. Was there a quilt shop attached to it? Yes. We did not go away empty-handed.  For those of you headed to NYC in January, our friend Paula Chung will have her amazing quilts on display.  And we can’t even begin to describe the lusciousness that is the Mokuba store. When is the last time you ran your hand across silk grosgrain ribbon. Aaaah!!!! And, yes, we did not go away empty-handed, but we forgot to take photos!

In front of our favorite Carol Taylor quilt

Cathy Izzo, gallery co-owner, with Kris

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