Organizing Patterns with Photoshop Elements


At the American Sewing Guild’s national conference in Los Angeles, we gave a short presentation about organizing your patterns with Adobe® Photoshop® Elements.  The Organizer portion of Elements is a great way to catalog photos, videos, music, and yes, even sewing patterns.   If you want to use the tags we created for patterns, save the file PatternTags.xml by right-clicking on the link and then clicking on “Save Target As…” (or “Save Link As…”).  Remember where you save the file, because you’ll need to find it again. (Tip!  Deb saves the file on her desktop and then trashes it once it’s installed.  Kris, on the other hand, tends to agonize over where best to save it and then forgets where she put it, but she’ll never admit Deb is right!)

Open Organizer and look for the Green Plus Sign icon.* Click on “From File….”  Navigate to PatternTags.xml, then click Open.  The Category Patterns with all its attendant Sub-Categories and Keyword Tags will appear in your panel.  Now you can delete the file, so your desktop doesn’t get all messy like Deb’s!

*It’s the first icon in the Keyword Tags panel.  If you don’t see the Keyword Tags panel, Click on Window > Show Task Pane from the Menu bar.

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