Our Online Photoshop Class starts March 5!


Are you interested in learning Adobe Photoshop Elements but don’t know where to start? Why don’t you start here with us? Our online class, Introduction to Adobe Photoshop Elements (PSE) for Fiber Artists and Sewing Enthusiasts, begins this coming Monday, March 5. Cost for the 3-week class is $60. To register for the class, go to www.steponpins.com. Why would you take our class over another one?

  • We know our students – they are sewers and artists who learn visually.
  • We know your language and can explain PSE concepts so you will understand them.
  • We have videos and handouts to provide you with various ways to learn PSE.
  • We offer three live meetings during the class so that you can ask about concepts you want to see demonstrated.
  • We have ongoing class discussions to answer questions while you learn.
  • We work with “paper” dolls, making learning the concepts easy and fun!
  • Click here for a full description of the course.

It’s Plain Jane!

Have you already taken the class?

  • Students who were enrolled in a previous class can enroll in this class for a 50% discount!
  • We have new videos and handouts!
  • We have new paper dolls made exclusively for us by our StepOnPins hostess, Carla Barrett!

Hope to “see” you in class on Monday!


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