Pixeladies Class Contest: We Have A Winner!


Last week we held a contest to give away a Pixeladies online class. We asked our readers to leave a comment on our blog post about inspiration and documentation. Well, today we randomly drew* a winner: Kit Vincent! Kit wins a Pixeladies online class. Now, Kit can enroll in any Pixeladies class she wants to, but we think she might be interested in our Digital Designing class because:

  • she already knows how to use of the basic tools of Photoshop Elements
  • she is a fabulous fiber artist and might enjoy learning how to digitally create the elements of design
  • she would meet other students and get as inspired by their work as much as we do
  • and she’s from Canada. Actually, that’s not really a reason to take the class; we just love having students from all over the world!

Some of our scarf designs

If you are interested in enrolling in “Digital Designing,” registration starts April 1 for the class that begins May 1. Click here for more information. Thanks again for everyone who left comments. You’ve really inspired us!


* This is how we made our random draw:

  1. We cut and pasted everyone’s email address into a spreadsheet.
  2. We then used a random number generator to assign a number to everyone.
  3. Then we sorted the list by the random number.
  4. Then Kris pulled out her telephone book (yes, she still has a few in the living room!).
  5. Deb, who was at her home talking to Kris on the phone, told her to open the phone book to a particular page.
  6. Deb then called out a random column and then a random row, like “seventh row from the top.”
  7. Kris then called off the last two digits of that phone number, and voilà, we had our winner!

Total silliness but some retro fun with the telephone book!

One Response to “Pixeladies Class Contest: We Have A Winner!”

  • Kit Says:

    Aww! I am thrilled to have won this draw and I look forward to Digital Designs…truth be told, it was already on my workshop wish list😊
    PS Organizer, and PSE 1&2 have helped me make much better use of Photoshop Elements. It had been sitting on my laptop for years…. I was only using about 10% of its capacity. Not anymore!
    Offering these workshops in January should attract many Canadians. What better way to keep your mind off -20 weather, brrr. That said, I am currently down in beautiful sunny Florida for a whole month. Laptop and Wacom tablet are now installed on a sunny balcony with ocean waves in the background…this works too…it’s even better.