Quilt National 2013: More Price Information


Many of you had a lot of interesting questions about my previous blog entry on the Quilt National 2013 prices. Click here to read my previous post:  http://www.pixeladies.com/quilt-national-2013-analysis-of-prices/. I would like to answer some of those questions for you here. Since many of you wanted to see the actual price sheet, I have posted it here: QN 2013 Price Sheet. Some of you were asking what the purchase option (PO) quilts sold for. I found out that information and have added it to the new QN 2013 Price Sheet. I have also made a chart that graphs the quilt price and price per square foot. The graph illustrates that most of the quilts were between $100-$300 per square foot.

The averages and medians changed when I added the PO quilts:
Average (Mean) Price: $4,436.21
Median Price: $3,650
Average (Mean) Price Per Square Foot: $301.87
Median Price Per Square Foot: $241.33


Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 4.34.32 PM

5 Responses to “Quilt National 2013: More Price Information”

  • deb-of-pixeladies Says:

    FYI, Column 6 on the PDF file is the price per square foot of the individual quilts. Sorry I didn’t catch that the PDF left off the whole heading for that column. My bad, not Kelsi’s.

  • Lisa Call Says:

    Wonderful – thank you for sharing more information about the prices. So much here to think about. Tell Kelsi thank you and good luck on her job interview!

  • Jeanne Marklin Says:

    This is very interesting information! Do you know if any of the quilts sold? It’s hard to know if the prices are realistic if they don’t sell. Thanks for all your hard work! I hope a job comes through soon. They’ll be lucky to have you.

    • Lorie McCown Says:

      Jeanne- Yes several of the quilts had sold, even at the beginning of the opening, in May. Kathleen Dawson, the QN director could tell you which has sold since then.