Registration For Photoshop Essentials Starts Sep 5!


It’s that time again – registration for Photoshop Essentials 1 and 2 starts on September 5. Photoshop Essentials 1 starts on October 5, while Essentials 2 starts on November 2. We have so much fun teaching these online classes because we get to meet people from all over the US, Canada, and the world. Our last class had students from Sweden, Germany, Australia, some Canadians, Floridians, and Alaskans! It’s a great community. So, what kinds of things will you learn? Lots! Besides the 10 tricks in Essentials 1 like straightening images (think quilts, buildings, and gravestones), designing quilting lines, and changing resolution, you’ll learn in Essentials 2 about the importance of layers and selections. Click here to read more about these upcoming classes. Here’s an idea of what we’ll do:

Okay, so the “original” image was created with the stuff of Essentials 3 (we’re working on that class for the spring!), but you will learn how to use layers to create quilting lines. (If you don’t quilt, think how you can create line drawings on top of original photos. That’s lots of fun, too.) That means you’ll learn: the Brush tool, change brush color, create layers, layer visibility, and lots more. It sounds a bit complicated, but that’s where we come in. We’re pretty good at translating “Photoshop” into language you understand. Hope to “see” you in class soon!

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