Tech Tuesday: Using the Clone Stamp Tool


In Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, you can “paint” over something with any part of the image you are working with. In other words, you can clone one part of an image onto another. There are lots of uses for the clone stamp tool. In this video, we’re going to show you one way to remove glare from your image. We are demonstrating using a PC, so you Mac users out there will want to remember that the Alt key is PC speak for the Option key.

Oval Clone Stamp Tool

Watch the Video

If you liked the way we demonstrated the clone stamp tool, you might want to enroll in our upcoming online class, “Photoshop Elements for Fiber Artists and Sewing Enthusiasts.” This class covers all the basic tools for Photoshop Elements, so anyone can take the class. You don’t have to an artist or know how to sew. We just add that because we know how to translate Photoshop-speak into concepts that people who work with fiber easily understand. Registration begins September 4, 2012, and the 3-week class begins September 17, 2012. Click here to learn more. We hope you can join us.


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