#internkelly’s 2015 SAQA Dream Collection


The art quilts I viewed for SAQA’s 2015 Benefit Auction have enchanted and impressed me in so many ways. I am struck by the intelligence and innovation behind every quilt and delighted by some of the unconventional re-purposing of materials. As I browsed the evocative body of work, I found myself pausing on a select few, wishing I could physically jump into them (à la Bert the chimney sweep in Mary Poppins) to explore the depths of my own imagination. For this reason, I have named my dream collection “Intrigue.” Let’s take a closer look at the imagination evoked by each of my dream quilts.

When I look at this quilt, I imagine myself frolicking over the face carved into these colorful mountains, running up and down the hills towards the deep center, where I would hope to find a mystical littoral cave at the end of the deep blue waterfall.

This quilt felt very nostalgic to me, because it evoked the kind of child-like excitement I feel when I pull up someplace in my car after dark and see the reflection of my wheels and headlights on the windows; a visual cue that I have arrived.

The green figure in this quilt reminds me of a grasshopper. I would like to drink some of Alice’s shrinking potion from Alice in Wonderland and then walk alongside the grasshopper into the mysterious night.

When my mind jumped into this quilt, it landed on a psychedelic subway platform in a parallel universe, where I imagined I could people watch and listen to street artists and musicians collecting change.

While looking at this quilt, I imagine myself sitting on a cliff on a silent night by the sea, watching a warm moon glimmer over peaceful waves.

I wish I could jump into this quilt, land on the moon, and jump off into the sky where I could fly between the stars and see the universe from all different perspectives.

Here is what my Dream Collection looks like as a whole:

Thanks for joining me on this adventure through my Dream Collection! Curating it has filled me with creative inspiration.

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