Tech Tuesday: Creating Paragraphs with WordPress


Now that we’re back to writing our own blog entries (we already miss our intern, Kelsi!), I was reminded of how fickle WordPress can be. I don’t know if you’ve noticed that whenever you hit the Enter key, WordPress assumes you are creating a new paragraph, and some goomer at WP thinks that means two carriage returns (for those of you who remember using a typewriter). Now when did hitting the Enter key ever mean “give me an extra line there, buddy.” This is so annoying. I finally came upon a great trick after some masterful googling, so I thought I should pass on the information. When you are working in WordPress and hit the Enter key, like now,

you get that extra space. Try hitting the Enter key again, only this time while pressing the Shift key,
and you simply get to the next line, like God intended. I can now sleep tonight.

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