Tech Tuesday: LibreOffice Is A Free Alternative to Microsoft Office


Being only 19 and not having an extra $140 to spend on Microsoft Office, I was having a lot of problems trying to do things like send my resume to someone or Email homework to a teacher. When I started my internship, Kris and Deb recommended I try LibreOffice. It made sharing documents much easier. Unlike Pages, the writing software that came with my Mac,  LibreOffice is compatible with Microsoft Office, so I can save a file in Microsoft format and send it where it needs to go. During my internship I have needed to use Excel almost every day, so having the Spreadsheet option on LibreOffice has been awesome. Not only is LibreOffice free but it is really easy to use and the format is very similar to Microsoft Office. When I get stuck and need help (and Kris and Deb aren’t around to help me), I can usually find a tutorial on Google or YouTube. The first spreadsheet I had to make was to keep track of my hours. Since the Pixeladies need to know how I divide my time, I made a color-coded bar graph. Here’s the first page:


If you need a free alternative to Microsoft Office, I recommend LibreOffice.

Click here to download LibreOffice.

Click here for a good YouTube introduction to the LibreOffice spreadsheet.

4 Responses to “Tech Tuesday: LibreOffice Is A Free Alternative to Microsoft Office”

  • Marcia Says:

    Kelsi, did you have any idea how much you would learn from The Pixeladies? There is so much more to more to being a fiber artist than meets the eye! Deb & Kris are a wealth of computer knowledge as well as artistic talent & creativity. Dave’s vast knowledge is a bonus. Myself, being a retired bean counter, I find Excel a tool I use constantly. You have put it to good use for a newbie. Try some complex formula writing. It will serve you well in the future.

    • InternKelsi Says:

      I have already learned so much! I struggle with math so Excel has been such a great thing to start learning.

  • Jamie Says:

    Hey there Kelsi,

    Thanks so much for the info on LibreOffice. I look forward to Tech Tueday articles.

    I’m not a Mac person, do you know if it works on a Windows PC? (I’m on my Android device so I didn’t follow the link to download the software…) I’ve been thinking of getting a new laptop & I really didn’t want to have to spend lots of money on software I’d only use infrequently. Sounds like if LibreOffice works, it’d be a great choice.

    Have fun in your internship. That’s way cool that you are working with the Pixeladies.