Working on Faith . . . Ringgold that is!


Sometimes you just have to pinch yourself. I still can’t believe that we – yes, the Pixeladies – have been invited to create a quilt in honor of Faith Ringgold. An entire event is being planned to honor her at City College of New York. She’s an alumna of the college and will be the first recipient of the Annual Cultural Arts Award program. You should take a look at some of her work at


Dancing at the Louvre 1991

You can imaging how excited we are to be part of this event. The opening reception is October 6, 2011. We’re working on a piece that measures 36 x 36 inches.  We are making another one of our text quilts and are looking for words and phrases that will help express our vision – just try finding that in People magazine.

Yes, Kris is a Lefty!

Here’s a picture of  me cutting up a magazine. This really is lots of fun. The problem begins when you start getting distracted and just need to know why Lindsey Lohan is in jail again or some such gibberish. Deb, on the other hand, will be distracted by travel articles or really cool custom luggage  (more on that in a future post).  One good thing is that you can pretty much cut anywhere. My favorite places to cut out words are under Deb’s gazebo or in front of the TV watching reruns. We’ll keep you posted on our progress (without giving too much away).

2 Responses to “Working on Faith . . . Ringgold that is!”

  • Jenny K. Lyon Says:

    THAT is a real honor-I can’t wait to see what you produce. It surprises me to see your process of getting images so organized.

  • Barbara Lindsey Says:

    Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition of your artistry, Deb and Kris!! Looking forward to updates.

    And I love the design and content of your blog. So glad Deb persevered on this! A wonderful expansion of your online presence.