Not-At-All-Tech Tuesday


We just wanted to share the good news–Intern Kelsi found a job! She’ll be working at Target. So did all the typing and spreadsheet lessons help her get the job? No. According to Kelsi it was folding and inventorying fabric. She only got around to part of the “red shelf” during her time with us. (What a coincidence–folding red fabric helps her get a job where the uniform is a red shirt!) We are still in contact with Kelsi and will be hounding her to go back to school. Thank you, dear readers, for commenting on Kelsi’s posts and cheering her on!

One Organized Shelf

One Organized Shelf

7 Responses to “Not-At-All-Tech Tuesday”

  • Marcia Says:

    Good job, Kelsi. Good job, Pixeladies!

  • Jeanne Marklin Says:

    Target will be really boring after working with you two! I hope she goes back to school so she can use the entrepreneurial skills you’ve modeled. Plus, Target can’t pay enough to live independently, have health insurance and all the expenses of cell phones, car insurance and gas, right?

  • Sherry Boram Says:

    Great news, Kelsi! This is a good step, but just a step to greatness. How can you fail with the Pixeladies (and all their friends) in your corner. Yes, take a breath, work at Target, and go back to school.