Procrastination, Organization, and Inspiration


When I have a deadline I don’t want to deal with, my way of procrastinating is to do other things that I’ve been putting off. Like cleaning. So this week it was cleaning off my desk in the studio. Kris is gone, so I can spread everything out and go through each piece of paper. I’m not a journal keeper, so when an idea strikes or I see something worth remembering, I grab the nearest piece of paper. Napkins, envelopes, those awful subscription cards from magazines. They work, but how do I keep them together? I have several idea folders in the Pixeladies’ file cabinet. But Kris wants to go through them. What she really means is that she wants me to throw some of the stuff away. So I need to beat her to the punch. I decided I’d start gluing them on paper and putting them in a binder. (We have oodles of binders, but that’s another story). No organization, just glue, punch and put in the binder. At the same time I requested an account from It’s the online version of my idea folders. Today I received my Pinterest account. So what better time to take on a new project than when another dreaded deadline is looming.

This is the long version of how I got to the meat of this post. Somehow, while looking up things to pin to my boards, I came across the blog Art Lessons for school kids written by Janis, an elementary school art teacher. Wow! I want to go back to elementary school and be one of Janis’ students. As I was skimming the posts, I saw some really cool sculptures. When I looked closer, the sculpture looked like one that my nephew Louis made for me a couple of Christmases ago. Too bad you can’t see it in 3D. It’s very interesting from all sides. And it’s FIBER ART!

Louis’ sculpture

Louis’ sculpture

I think next time I have a creative block (or need to procrastinate), I’ll go back to and do one of the art projects for kids! So, do you procrastinate? How do you keep track of your ideas, thoughts, and inspirational images? Do they help get you out of a creative rut?

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